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Alex Chuks – YAHWEH (Single)

All Gospel Music presents the long-awaited Premiere worship Single by Alex Chuks titled “YAHWEH”, available now for download.

YAHWEH is an edifying Piece that reveals a level of deep meaning embedded in the name’"YAHWEH" which is the name of our God, declaring the boundless powers and sovereignty thereof.

Following the lyrics one-step at a-time, listen to this song with a humble heart of worship, and by the power of the holy Spirit, you will be mightly blessed, edified and lifted in Jesus name. Amen!.




Isaiah 42:8-9. "I am Yahweh!. That is my name!I will not give my glory to another. or my Praise to others.The past Events have indeed happened.Mow, I declare new Events. I announce them to you, before they occur."


Yahweh, your name is Yahweh.promise keeper, Yahweh, Yahweh, Yahweh. Universe maker, Coder of time and season.King of Eternity, Yahweh, Yahweh. (Repeat)

PSALM 97:1

"The Lord reigns! Let the Earth be glad!Let the distant Shores, rejoice."


000... ooo... ooo...



The awesome complexity of the Universe.The awful stirring of the sea.speak of your greatness, and your boundless Sovereignty. The Sunrise, The Sunshine, The Sunset.The Lightning, The Thunder, The Rain.Reveal you're awesome, in making and destructive power.

The Cattle on the Thousand Hills.The Chariots, Horses and Riders. Distant Shores. Heaven and Earth are yours. The Cattle on the Thousand Hills.The Chariots, Horses and Riders. Kings and Thrones. You're the God of all flash. Who laid the Earth, upon the Oceans' Surface, Heaven's pillerless!Must be a wonder!

Who laid the Earth, upon the Oceans' Surface, Heaven's pillerless!You're a Wonder! Wonder! Wonder, heeeiiii....!!! Hero! My Hero! Hero ooo...!!!

CHORUS2: Hero of the timeless Ages.Older than the beginning, and Younger than Eternity. (7X)


Younger than Eternity, Eternity. END



  • Tesimaneke says:

    I want it I m from Namibia

  • Faith williams says:

    All Gospel Music, I Thank God for the wonderful work He is doing through you.may God bless you real good Alex Chuks. The Song Yahweh is so sweet and spirit filled. Am a music minister and am looking forward to working with you soon. your fan from Califonia.

  • Onuoha-Michael-Matthew says:

    All Gospel Music I really appreciate you for the great work you are doing for God. This Song YAHWEH has blessed me greatly. God bless you Alex Chuks and more grace

  • Olivia Akunna says:

    All Gospel Music, God bless you for the good work, i bless God for you @ ALex Chuks . we love you !!
    from Congo

  • John Francis says:

    No doubt you are annointed.. I celebrate the grace of God upon your life

  • Mercy says:

    Halleluja! Indeed, YAHWEH is older than the beginning and younger than eternity. Edifying. Great and Awesome. More grace to you Minister Alex Chuks.

  • Samuel Matahtah says:

    All Gospel Music you are indeed a source of blessing to our generation, keep up the great work of God you’re doing. I’m singer having songs and will be so much grateful to have my songs recorded by your outfit. much love for Alex Chuks.

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